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A murder mystery brings together a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief masquerading as an actor.

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original title: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Thriller



duration: 1h 43min

tags: Sex. Murder. Mystery. Welcome to the party.

budget: $15,000,000

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Mistaken for an actor, small-time crook, Harry Lockhart, finds himself in the midst of the Hollywood community. Hes paired up with private detective "Gay Perry" to get some training for his role, but things begin to get weird when they witness a real murder. A petty thief posing as an actor is brought to Los Angeles for an unlikely audition and finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation along with his high school dream girl and a detective who's been training him for his upcoming role... Shane Black's directorial debut, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is smart, blackly comic and very violent. Starring and narrated by Robert Downey Jr., it gives a unique take on what seems like an ordinary detective story with its self-referential humour and gripping action. The narration itself is done by the main character, Harry Lockhart, and it is done as if he is telling the story personally to you, often correcting himself or commenting as to how bad a narrator he is. The film suddenly halts in numerous places, much like film stopping in a projector, and Lockhart backtracks to previous parts of the film or makes sure the audience knows what is going on by explaining things in a way that is comical, not patronising. Thankfully, it in no way overuses this, preventing the film from becoming overly stunted. One of the other successful parts of this narrative technique is that Lockhart comments on storytelling and the act of watching a film itself. He assures the audience that the ending will be nothing like the end of "Lord of the Rings", and asks if the audience have "worked it out yet".

Val Kilmer is well cast as 'Gay' Perry, and the rest of the supporting cast are very good as well, providing a lot of the laughs. There is a particularly fantastic scene early in the film where Lockhart continues to spot other-race versions of celebrities (Brazilian Billy Bob Thornton is my personal favourite), and this just shows how well written the dialogue for the film really is. It's also comically gruesome, with a lot of bloodshed, a finger getting repeatedly cut off, and one very darkly comic moment where Lockhart accidentally urinates on a corpse.

However, it left me feeling slightly unfulfilled at the end, due to the final 15 or so minutes of the movie. The explanation to the whole case is wrapped up very nicely towards the end, before the final shoot out. But when Lockhart then wakes up in hospital, the miraculously alive Perry tells him that this is not the case, which feels a bit pointless, seeing as the first explanation was perfectly good. This leads to a final scene where Perry ends up beating a hospital bed-bound old man, which feels very gratuitous and completely unnecessary, despite the old man's previous actions. I also wasn't happy with the very final scene where it is revealed that Lockhart now works for Perry, and has been narrating the story via some kind of webcam. Why not just leave the film without, as Lockhart says, "wrapping the movie up"? It takes the self-referential feeling a bit too far, and while it is still funny, seems like it's trying to give a "they all lived happily ever after" sense to the end, contrasting the tone of the rest of the film.

It doesn't completely ruin it, and the whole film is still worth watching, with its clever narrative, sharp dialogue and gorily funny plot. Yesterday I attended a screening at the 19th "Fantasy Filmfest" (think German Sundance)in Frankfurt, Germany, where "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" was the festivals opening film.

"K.K.B.B." is best described as a comedy, a spoof of film noir and the buddy film concept with an absolutely ingenious narrative style. I try not to spoil too much, but I must say that this film is not so much propelled by it's story, which just serves as a skeletal structure to give the characters room to interact, but by it's very sharp dialog, it's nicely drawn, but not overexposed characters and on the spot acting by it's leads. Downey Jr. back at his best and a definite high for Kilmer. The audience was raving, laughing and cheering, especially for Harry Lockheart (Downey Jr.), the somewhat good-hearted but unlucky and not-so-streetsmart-thief-become-actor-become-detective. One of his most memorable and laugh-out-loud scenes involves... uh... urinating (!) and (even if this must seem really strange for someone who hasn't seen it...) is destined to become a comedy classic. It's Shane Black's first turn as both writer and director. He wrote "Last Boy Scout", "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and the "Lethal Weapon"-films and watching "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" one starts to wonder how those would have turned out if he had directed them from his own script. (This goes especially for "Long Kiss..." since I enjoyed "Boy Scout" and the "Lethal Weapons") The deliriously enjoyable noir comedy-thriller Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang does nothing by halves and everything by doubles. Clueless thief Harry Lockett (Robert Downey Jr.) runs into an audition for a detective movie audition, when he is pursued by the police, when an attempted toy store robbery goes wrong, which his partner is shot and killed. Harry, mistaken for an actor auditioning for a role in the film, unwittingly wins a role in the film and is invited to attend a Christmas party hosted by former actor Harlan Dexter (Corbin Bernsen). At the party, Harry meets tough private detective Gay Perry (Val Kilmer) and reunites with aspiring actress Harmony Faith Lane (Michelle Monaghan), whom was Harry's childhood friend. As Gay Perry teaches Harry lessons on being a detective to prepare him for when the film begins production. Harry soon finds himself caught up in a murder mystery, when Dexter's estranged daughter Veronica is murdered, which soon becomes complicated, when Harmony's sexually abused sister Jenna commits suicide and Harmony asks Harry to investigate. Suspecting that Veronica Dexter's murder and Jenna Lane's suicide are somewhat connected and that Jenna's death was no suicide, but murder. Harry and Gay Perry supported by Harmony set out to uncover the truth behind the murder of Veronica Dexter and the death of Jenna Lane and the pair begin to suspect that one of the party guests could be the murderer and they uncover a conspiracy behind the murder case.


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